Lynnie Rabinowitsh


I graduated from the University of Colorado as an art major, where I focused on sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. After college, I studied calligraphy at the San Francisco Academy of Art and did freelance work for several years. Then fourteen years ago, when we lived in Paris for a year, and I took several art classes. I was able to paint and draw in spectacular places such as inside the Louvre, in Luxembourg Gardens, and the Bois de Boulogne. Upon returning to Santa Rosa, I began studying watercolor painting with Sylvia Miller, and at SRJC, with Maury Lapp, Philip Buller, Lisa Beernsten, and others. I took workshops in other places with Mel Stabin and Robert Burridge. Currently I'm studying painting with Sandra Speidel in Petaluma. I discovered that my real love is plein air painting, and that Sonoma County not only is incredibly beautiful, but its mild weather lends itself to year round landscape painting. Recently my husband and I have been spending more time in San Francisco, staying in North Beach, and thus I have been inspired to paint cityscapes of our wonderful neighborhood. Painting cityscapes offers a nice contrast to painting the landscape in Sonona County, and I feel fortunate that I can experience both worlds. Often my inspiration comes when traveling, and plein air painting is especially satisfying for me in a new place, where I can experience the environment with all my senses. I have painted extensively in France, and also in Italy, Africa, and Costa Rica. I bring back much more than a painting when I return, I remember the place which I have observed in great detail, the smells, sounds, and people I have encountered while painting. Most of my work is of architecture and its relationship to the landscape. Besides several awards at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair art shows, I have shown my work at Sonoma County Coffee, the YMCA, the Finley Center, and Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, in Santa Rosa, and Modern Eden gallery in San Francisco. I have made many of my paintings into greeting cards that are sold in Boulder, Colorado, Lancaster, PA, Los Angeles, and Santa Rosa. artist at easel
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